Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coatings

What is Conformal Coating?

Conformal coating is a polymeric film that protects printed circuit boards, components, and other electronic devices from harsh environmental conditions. The standard coating thickness is usually between 25 µm – 75 µm. Along with protection, other factors such as temperature resistance, fungus resistance, dielectric withstand voltage, dielectric breakdown voltage and a few more factors are to be calculated when formulating conformal coatings.

What kind of Conformal Coatings are available?

Usually conformal coatings are available in acrylic, urethane, silicone and epoxy forms, depending on the need and the kind of ecosystem the film is going to be exposed to.

Which Conformal Coating is suitable for me?

The best way to decide, is to ask an expert. It depends on various factors such as, humidity, salty conditions, moisture, acidic and alkaline environment, temperature and other factors.


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