How long does it take to remove rust?
It completely depends on the amount of rust formed. Usually, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to remove medium surface rust. Heavily rusted products can always be soaked overnight.

Can we speed up the rust removal process?
Yes, by giving temperature (50°C – 60°C). Also, scrubbing the products while dipped in the solution (room temperature) will give faster results.

Do i need to clean the product before de-rusting?
Yes, it is important to remove oil, grease, dirt, dust and other contaminants prior to de-rusting.

How to use the product?
Dip the product in NOKRUST 305, until rust is completely removed.

What is the process after de-rusting?
After de-rusting with NOKRUST 305, dip or wash the substrate with soft water. Later, dry with the help of a cloth or air drying can also be done.

Will the product rust again?
NOKRUST 305 contains corrosion inhibitors for temporary protection and to avoid flash rusting. Usually, the metal should stay protected for 5 – 7 days indoors. But, we always suggest to apply rust preventives after the entire de-rusting process for best results.

Is it safe with plastics and rubber?
Yes, it is safe.

Is it safe on painted surfaces?
Yes, it is safe on most painted surfaces.

Can NOKRUST 305 be diluted?
No, we do not suggest it. Diluting will result the product to be less effective.

Can we use it on aluminium and brass?
Maybe, we have not tried it yet.

How to understand NOKRUST 305 is spent?
The solution will turn completely dark and won’t remove rust at all.

How to use NOKRUST 305 on rusted parts which are difficult to reach and cannot be dipped?
NOKRUST 305 is available in gel form as well for such difficult jobs. Also, dipping a cloth in NOKRUST 305 and then placing it over rusted portion is also a way of application.

Why some metals have blackish spots/ shade after de-rusting?
This process takes place with high carbon metals. The blackish spots / shades can be wiped off with a clean cloth.

Is NOKRUST 305 biodegradable?
Yes, it is. Before disposal we suggest to neutralise the solution.

How to dispose NOKRUST 305 after usage?
Refer to local / regional norms always.

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