NOKRUST 9000 (Gun Lubricant) – 400 ml

500.00 480.00


  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces like metals, plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted surfaces, and more.
  • Temperature resistance ( -40°C to +210°C )
  • Highly resistant to water and moisture.
  • Heavy-duty corrosion protection.
  • High-pressure resistance lubricant.
  • No action on seals.
  • Reduces friction and loss of power.
  • Low VOC Content


NOKRUSTTM 9000 is a precision lubricant formulated for guns, rifles, and other precision items. Packed with antioxidants and other proprietary additives NOKRUST™ 9000 is an extraordinarily tear-proof lubricant. Along with lubrication, heavy-duty corrosion protection and good temperature resistance are provided by NOKRUST™ 9000.


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